What is an Ecobroker?

Tahmina Shalizi: EcoBroker Certified
EcoBroker is the premier green designation for real estate professionals. EcoBrokers are educated on topics such as green financing, energy-efficient appliances, radiant floor heating, mold and radon mitigation, and more. I help clients market properties with green features, save money and live comfortably through energy-efficiency and environmentally-sensitive choices. Use an EcoBroker whether you are buying or selling!
Tahmina Shalizi has earned the EcoBroker designation.

I am making “Green” my top priority and are learning everything we can and compiling all sorts of useful information. If you have a question regarding anything having to do with green products, methods or materials, just ask and I’ll helpyou find what you need.

Green Topic Highlights

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