CorallesThe Village of Coralles, in Sandoval County, has a population of over seven thousand people. It is included in the Albuquerque Metropolitan Statistical Area and is a community founded on agriculture. Archaeological sites indicate that the village has been occupied since approximately 500AD and was first inhabited by Native Americans.

The close proximity to the Rio Grande, which is a river that flows from southwestern Colorado to the Gulf of Mexico, makes Coralles a highly sought after place to live. The area is known for its fertile land and classical adobe architecture, which gives the area its distinct look.

Buying a home in a village that aggressively maintains its rural character, in spite of being surrounded by large cities, is a great investment for your future. Coralles is a small oasis in a metropolitan area. Come experience the wonderfully rich historic and artistic characters of the village. There are a number of great shops and restaurants; in fact, shopping here is like travelling back in time. “So near, yet so far” is the local saying. You will understand what they are talking about when you move here, and fall in love with the Village of Coralles.