Before selecting the area in which you hope to find your dream home, some information about New Mexico may be of interest.

Our river of destiny, the Rio Grande, rises in the San Juan mountains of southern Colorado. Nearly bisecting New Mexico from north to south, it eventually enters the Gulf of Mexico, 1800 miles from its source.

For thousands of years it has drawn diverse people into its valley. Native Americans, Spaniards and other Europeans have come together here to create their own history – a narrative based on new legends and old traditions, a mystique derived from co-mingled cultures.

Scattered along the Rio Grande Valley are the ruins of ancient Native American settlements interspersed with their still occupied pueblos.

Here and there are the villages of early Spanish settlers whose descendents have turned them into lively towns or living heritage sites.

And then there are the art colonies, the writers’ enclaves and the commercial centers established by the newest comers – the Americans from the East Coast, the Mid-West and the West Coast.

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